Hannibal Free Public Library

The Heart and 
the Fist

Eric Greitens

July 29, 2013

2:30 4:00 p.m.

 Quiz found on www.goodreads.com
created by Zach Wilhelm

 1) Why was Eric Greitens sent to the police station in China, when he was supposed to be there to study?

  1. He broke the Chinese law of teaching about government

  2. He got drunk one night and was a public disturbance

  3. He beat up a student at one of the schools

 2) What did the soldier at the customs hut in Zaire do to Eric Greitens bag?

  1. The first soldier searched Eric's bag

  2. The soldier pointed a machine gun at him 

  3. He confiscated Eric's bag

  4. The soldier shot his bag

 3) What did the International Community do about the genocide in Rwanda ?

  1. They sent the Red Cross

  2. They did nothing

  3. Soldiers were deployed there

  4. They tried the murderers in court

 4)  What helped the protagonist when he would have to talk to civilians as a SEAL?

  1. He is sociable

  2. He is kind

  3. His work as a humanitarian

  4. all of the above

 5) What do two parts of the Navy SEAL trident symbolize?

  1. The anchor for a ship, the eagle for prey

  2. pistol to power, the scepter to the gods

  3. scepter to the connection to the sea, pistol power on land

  4. none of these

 6) What type of Narrative Literary Term is used when Eric Greitens talks about the bomb that went off in Fallujah , Iraq ?

  1. Irony     

  2. Theme      

  3. Imagery 

  4. Satire

 7) What is the most frequent question Eric Greitens receives when talking about Hell Week?

  1.  How hard is it? 

  2.  What kind of people make it through Hell Week? 

  3. What type of exercises did you do? 

  4. How much sleep do you get?

 8) What specifically does the cover of this novel foreshadow?

  1. How Eric gets killed   

  2. His mind set as a humanitarian 

  3. Both two and four

  4. His line of work as a Navy SEAL

 9) How frequently does Eric Greitens refer to the past in his novel?  

  1. never 

  2. every chapter

  3. every now and then 

  4. 4 times

 10) What does Eric Greitens do to show his appreciation and respect for wounded soldiers back in the United States ?

  1. He gives money every month
  2. He has group discussions with them
  3. both one and two
  4. He founded The Mission Continues for wounded soldiers back in the U.S>