Hannibal Free Public Library


Rudyard Kipling

April 29, 2013

1. Kim is called "little friend of all the world". What in his circumstances enables him to play this role? What in his character?

2. We see Kim serving  two very different masters: Mahbub Ali, the horse-trader and spy, and the unworldly lama. Which do you find more interesting. Which do you think will have more influence on Kim's future (don't answer if you've read the book)? What attracts Kim to each, and each to Kim?

3. The descriptions of India in this section are very vivid. Which scene made the biggest impression on you?

4. There are very few women in Kim's world. What do the few women we see tell us about Kipling's idea of the role of women in India ?

5.  If you have read some background material, what is the battle for which 8000 British soldiers will be needed?

6. Why do you think this book is so fascinating for children?

Adapted from:  www.seniorlearn.org