Hannibal Free Public Library

This I Believe
Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women

Jay Allison

August 27, 2012

1.   What did you enjoy about This I Believe?

2.  To what essay(s) did you react strongly?

3.   What do you think the authors of the essays accomplished through their writing?

4.   What have you read that has similar or contrasting themes to the essays in This
      I Believe?

5.  Are any of the events described in the essays relevant to your own life?

6.  How has reading this book changed your opinion of a certain person or topic?

7.  What did you know about Edward R. Murrow or This I Believe prior to reading this
     collection of essays? Did you learn anything new about this person? If you knew
     of the subject before, did anything you read change your opinion?

8.   How has this book impacted your own personal beliefs? What do you believe?

9.      Some of the essay authors were (or are) prestigious members of society. How might history have been different without his or her contribution? How might the unknown writers the common people have also affected history through their beliefs and actions?

    10.  What is the difference between believing something and believing IN something?


Questions adapted from:  www.onebookonecommunity.org