Submitted by Corey King

It is vitally important for a group to know its history. History points to the past. It sheds light on the present and gives direction for the future. If a group does not know where it has been and from where it has come, it is certain that it will not know where it is going. Realizing this important fact, the founders of Helping Hand Missionary Baptist Church took special care to assure that its history would be preserved for generations.

Records revealed that nine members, having received letters of dismissal from Eighth and Center Street Mission Baptist Church, formed a council for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church. This council met on April 26, 1916 at the Bimatalic Hall. During this meeting, this group chose and adopted the name of Helping Hand Missionary Baptist Church.

The church covenant and articles of faith were adopted as the guiding rules. The Bible is our standard, the Holy Spirit our guide and Jesus Christ our sure foundation.

The charter members were Sisters Mary C. McDowell, Nealie Williams, Harriett Griffin, Belle Redford, Mary Griffin, Evalina Slayton, Belle Bell, Mary Miller, Hannah Johnson and Luvenia Harris and Brothers Simpson Bush, George Williams, Harvey Robinson, Frank Lewis, George Foley, Elliott Harris, Major Turner and William Hawkins.