Hannibal Free Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

February 9, 2009




The Board of Trustees of the Hannibal Free Public Library met in the Trustees Room of the Library on Monday, February 9, 2009, at 4:00 p.m.   Present were Board members

Todd Ahrens, April Baldwin, Pam Ginsberg, Janet Klueppel, and Becky Steffa.  Also present were Librarian Hallie Yundt-Silver and Tamara Reed of F&M Bank and Trust.  


The meeting was called to order by Board President Becky Steffa at 4 p.m.


Hallie and Tamara distributed a packet of information.


The Board welcomed Mike Scholes as a new member.  Becky administered the oath of office.


Moved by Todd and supported by April to approve the Minutes of the meeting of January 12, 2009.  Motion carried.


Moved by Pam and supported by April to approve the Claims in the amount of $45,318.44.


Tamara provided the Treasurer’s Report.  She reported that CDs were being reinvested at 2 to 2.25 percent.  She indicated that reinvestment would continue per the Master Memo.  She also reported that the money market account had been changed to an Infinity account at HNB.


The Board tabled approval of City Financial Report to give staff time to review accounts.  Hallie noted that, when applied, the TIF will reduce Taxes to $517,608.46, higher than predicted at $499,323. 


The Board acknowledged receipt of the audit.  Hallie was instructed to contact Wade Stables to seek additional information about recommendations in the audit.


Moved by April and supported by Janet to make no transfer this month.  Motion carried.


Hallie read email from Margaret Conroy, dated February 5, 2009, concerning budget update and CPSIA.  She also read email between herself and Angel, dated February 6, 2009, concerning minimum wage.


There was no Public Comment.


The Finance Committee will meet on March 9 at 3:30 p.m.


The Nominating Committee did not have a quorum for its meeting earlier on February 9.  The Board tabled making of a recommendation concerning Janet’s replacement.


Hallie added to her written Director’s Report, which was mailed with the packet.  She reported completing MPLD’s Salary Survey in January, and indicated that data should be ready to utilize for upcoming work on the budget.


There was no Old Business.


Moved by Pam and supported by April to approve F&M’s Master Memo.  Motion carried.


Moved by Janet and supported by Todd to apply for a grant from the General Mills Foundation.  Motion carried.


Moved by Todd and supported by Pam to accept Janet’s resignation and issue a proclamation in her honor.  Motion carried.


Moved by Todd and supported by Janet to adjourn.  The Board adjourned at 3:40 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Hallie Yundt Silver, Library Director



Accepted by the Board,




Becky Steffa, Board President