The Hannibal Free Public Library Board of Trustees met on Monday, December 8, 2014 at 4:00 p.m., in the 3rd Floor Meeting Rooms at Hannibal Free Public Library, 200 South Fifth Street, Hannibal, MO  63401.  Present were:  Kim Ahrens, Frank DiTillo, Sara North, Tom Prater, and Pam Warfield.  Absent were:  Amber Baxter, David Clayton, Pam Ginsberg, and Brandi Lionberger.  Also present was Librarian Hallie Yundt Silver.


Library Board Vice President Kim Ahrens chaired the meeting.  She called it to order at 4:03 p.m.


The agenda was rearranged by consensus so the annual photo could be taken later.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Pam Warfield to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of November 10, 2014.  Motion carried.


Final Claims for December 2014 were distributed.  Second Claims for November 2014 were read aloud:  $19.30 to Riback for plumbing supplies and $10,179.18 to SirsiDynix.  Moved by Sara North and supported by Tom Prater to approve the Claims for December 2014 in the amount of $48,775.84 and the Second Claims for November 2014 in the amount of $10,198.48.  Motion carried. 


The Trust Fund Report for November 2014 was distributed.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Tom Prater to request that funds of the Helen K. Garth Trust be released to the Library Board to manage their investment.  Motion carried.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Pam Warfield to authorize the Board President and Frank Ditillo to sign a letter requesting that all assets held by F&M be turned over to the Treasurer of the Library Board.  Motion carried.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Pam Warfield to authorize Amber Baxter as Library Board Treasurer and Hallie Yundt Silver as the Library Director to sign checks at Home Bank, F&M Bank and Trust Company, and US Bank.  Motion carried.


The City Financial Report for November 2014 was not available at the time of the meeting.


The Transfer Recommendation for December 2014 was distributed.  Moved by Sara North and supported by Frank DiTillo to approve the Transfer Recommendation, showing no transfer of funds between Cash Flow and the Operating Account.  Motion carried.


Hallie Yundt Silver’s correspondence with the Governor was included in the packet.


Hallie Yundt Silver reported that no quorum could be attained, so that day’s Finance Committee meeting was cancelled.  She reported further that no other committees had met.


The written director’s report was in packet.  Hallie Yundt Silver added to her report, including:

·         Jessica Merreighn-Powell was hired as a part-time Library Shelver.  She started on December 4th.

·         Weather closing procedures were reviewed and agreed on by consensus: The Library Director (or designee in her absence) consults with the President of the Library Board (or another Library Board member in her absence).  A decision is made.  The Library Board, City Officials, and the media are notified by email.  (Note that this notification will now be as soon as possible since I do not currently have Internet access at home.)  The closing is posted on Facebook when possible.  Employees are phoned.  Full-time employees are paid unless it is a scheduled day-off.  Part-time employees are paid if they are sent home; if they are contacted before their scheduled work time begins, then they are not paid.  The closure and authorization to pay employees is presented to the Library Board for approval after the fact. 

·         E-Rate support of telephone service is being sunset by 20% annually over 5 years

·         Because of the Governor’s withholds to the REAL program, MOREnet will be able to provide EBSCOHost and part of Learning Express Library in FY2015-2016.  The Library will need to fund the other on-line resources or drop them.  Heritage Quest is a resource we need to fund locally.  We also need to fund the rest of Learning Express Library.  Gale Discovering Collection is a resource we can do without as a public library although it is a nice collection to make available to students.

·         There was consensus that Hallie Yundt Silver should release her withholds on the FY2014-2015 budget through phase 2, allowing more Professional Development expenditure, the fine art appraiser, and continued refurbishment of the Children’s Room. 

Moved by Tom Prater and supported by Sara North to adopt the 2015 Calendar of Operation.  Motion carried. 


Moved by Sara North and supported by Pam Warfield to adjust the Library’s payscale for the Library Shelvers to reflect the increase in minimum wage in Missouri to $7.65 per hour, effective January 1, 2015. 


Moved by Tom Prater and supported by Frank DiTillo to adopt the Investment Policy.  Motion carried.


Hallie Yundt Silver said that she would contact Pam Ginsberg and request an appointment to the Investment Committee.  Frank DiTillo indicated that he was willing to serve on the Committee. 


Moved by Sara North and supported by Frank DiTillo to obtain a second safety deposit box, which should require two signatures with Pam Ginsberg, Amber Baxter, Frank DiTillo, Kim Ahrens, and Hallie Yundt Silver on the list of those who can sign.  Motion carried.


Moved by Sara North and supported by Pam Warfield to affirm the following statement for another year:  It is the intent of the Board to continue participation in E-Rate funding for as long as the funds remain available.  Because of this intention, and because of overlapping fiscal years and the number of filing deadlines, the Board recognizes the difficulties an administrator has on occasion in seeking authorization prior to each filing.  The Board regards these filings as an administrative responsibility and does not see the need for the Director to seek prior approval before each filing.  Therefore, the Board authorizes its Library Director, Assistant Director, and/or the Library’s IT Manager to proceed and file E-Rate applications without specific prior approval from the Board.   Motion carried.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Tom Prater to adopt the following statement in response to the City’s request for the Library’s 5-Year Capital Plan:  “A building expansion project is planned at some point in the future (placeholder at $1 million although we anticipate that expansion will cost considerably more than that amount).  The Library’s Technology Plan Update will be provided to the City Council after the Library Board adopts it in April 2015, the State Library’s due date.”  Motion carried.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Pam Warfield to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 4:58 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,




Hallie Yundt Silver, Acting Secretary







Pamela Ginsberg, President