The Hannibal Free Public Library Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, August 9, 2016, at 5:00 p.m., in the 3rd Floor Meeting Rooms at Hannibal Free Public Library, 200 South Fifth Street, Hannibal, MO  63401.  Present were:  Kim Ahrens, , Frank DiTillo, J’Nelle Lee, Sara A. North, Tom Prater, Casey Welch, and Lauren Youse.  Absent were: Amber Baxter and  David Clayton. Also present was Librarian Hallie Yundt Silver.


Board President Kim Ahrens chaired the meeting.  She called it to order at 5:02 p.m.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Casey Welch to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of July 12, 2016.  Motion carried.


Claims for August 2016 were distributed.  Hallie Yundt Silver reported that she anticipated receipt of an invoice from Otis for $517.08, and would add it to the Claims when it arrived.  Moved by Lauren Youse and supported by Sara North to approve the Claims in the amount of $78,605.21.  Motion carried.


Discussion followed on the Investment Report.  The Library Board indicated improvements.


Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Lauren Youse to approve the Transfer Recommendation with no transfer of funds between Cash Flow and the Operating Account.  Motion carried. 


Hallie Yundt Silver reported that she had responded to a sub poena requesting patron records and a Custodian of Records request for minutes and the agenda for the Library Board meeting of December 2015.  She said she had also written a letter to a patron who was banned from the Library for a month due to inappropriate behavior.


Minutes of the Investment Committee meeting were included in the packet.  No other committees met. 


The Director’s written report was included in the packet.  Hallie Yundt Silver added the following information: 


·         Melody Christal was hired as the Temporary Shelver to replace Rachel Cunningham, who resigned, effective July 8th.  Melody started on Monday, August 8th. 

·         Job ad were placed for the part-time Library Shelver position.  For first consideration, applications should be submitted by August 25th. 

·         Classified ads were placed for the Annual Book Sale and the Silent Auction for Used Library Computers, both to occur on August 25th, 26th, 27th, with the bid opening for the Silent Auction at 10 a.m. on August 29th. 

·         The Missouri State Auditor set the maximum tax levy amount allowed under the Hancock amendment, and the City Finance Director communicated that the Library’s amount as $0.2834. 


Moved by Tom Prater and supported by Frank DiTillo to adopt banking resolutions for HomeBank, Macon Atlanta, and US Bank authorizing two of the following four people to sign for Certificates of Deposit:  Kim Ahrens, Amber Baxter, Frank DiTillo, and Hallie Yundt Silver.  Motion carried.


Discussion followed on the Library’s ownership of its parking lots.  There was consensus that Kim Ahrens should send Jeff LaGarce a letter. 


Moved by Tom Prater and supported by Casey Welch to approve the emergency closing on Monday, July 11th, and to authorize payment of wages for full-time staff who were scheduled to work that day, and to pay one part-time staff member who was scheduled and present at the time of closing.  Motion carried.


Moved by Casey Welch and supported by Frank DiTillo to amend the Policy Statement Concerning Fees Charged by the Library by adding the following language as the final paragraph under the section entitled “Fees Associated with Replacement of Lost or Damaged Materials,” and to add the following language as item 16 in the list of acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the Policy Statement Concerning Public Behavior. 

Roaches, bed bugs, or other insects constitute a hazard to the collection, and the patrons of the Hannibal Free Public Library.  It is therefore prohibited to bring such bugs or insects into the library, either intentionally, knowingly or negligently.   Any materials returned by patrons that show evidence of bed bugs, roaches, or other insects may result in a specific patron's or family’s borrowing and computer use privileges being temporarily suspended.  This suspension will be lifted when proof is presented that the residence in question has been treated by a licensed pest control company, or has been inspected and is clear.  Patrons may also be charged fees to replace the library materials or to treat them.

Motion carried. 


Moved by Tom Prater and supported by Casey Welch to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 5:59 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Hallie Yundt Silver, Acting Secretary





Kim Ahrens, President