MINUTES OF THE MEETING of October 9, 2019


The Hannibal Free Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular monthly meeting at 5:00 p.m., on Tuesday, October 9, 2019, in the 3rd Floor Meeting Rooms at Hannibal Free Public Library, 200 South Fifth Street, Hannibal, MO 63401. Present: Kim Ahrens (3:05 p.m.), Frank DiTillo, Annie Dixon, J’Nelle Lee, Sara A. North, Tom Prater, and Casey Welch. Absent: Roy Hark and Lauren Youse. Also Present: Lisa Peck, City Manager, and Hallie Yundt Silver, Library Director.

Tom Prater chaired the meeting. He called it to order at 3:01 p.m.

Minutes were emailed separately. Moved by Frank DiTillo and supported by Roy Hark to approve the Minutes of the meeting of September 10, 2019. Motion carried.

Claims for October 2019 in the amount of $66,072.00 were distributed. MasterCard claims in the amount of $1,343.00 were included in the main packet. Hallie Yundt Silver reported on several expenditures, including: COSUGI (annual membership in organization that allows us to migrate our data should SirsiDynix ever go out of business), Cutting Edge (billing for snowplowing in April), Elevator Safety Service (annual inspection), Golden Ruler (public photocopier quarterly fee, book bags for Twain SHALL Meet project), Infogroup (City Directory), Scharnhorst (Twain project presenter in November). Moved by Sara North and supported by Roy Hark to approve the total Claims for October 2019 in the amount of $67,415.00. Motion carried.

Kim Ahrens joined the meeting at 3:05 p.m. She assumed the chair.

Moved by Roy Hark and supported by Casey Welch to table the Investment Report for September 2019. Motion carried.

Hallie Yundt Silver reported she had received the City Financial Report the day before the meeting and had not had time to look at it.

The Transfer Recommendation for October 2019 was distributed. Moved by Annie Dixon and supported by Casey Welch to approve the Recommendation showing no transfer of funds. Motion carried.

Hallie Yundt Silver reported she had written a letter to a patron with repeated inappropriate behavior. She passed around a copy of the letter. It notified the patron that he was banned for a month. She reported that a MIRMA report had been filed.

Tom Prater reported that the Director’s evaluation form had been emailed to Library Board members. He provided print copies to Annie Dixon and Roy Hark. Library Board responses are due the end of October.

The Director’s written report was emailed separately. Hallie Yundt Silver added the following to her written report: 1) She reported that Frank Ditillo had inquired if the Library had received any Sunshine Requests recently. She said she had received an unusual email requesting information in August, but she did not think it was a Sunshine Request. She reminded the Library Board that the Annual review of the Library’s Sunshine Policy was scheduled for the November meeting. 2) She reported on her priorities for the rest of the month.

Moved by Casey Welch and supported by Annie Dixon to amend the motion made at the August meeting concerning carpeting beneath the stacks on the 2nd and 3rd floors to allow carpet to be cut around the cantilevered perimeter shelving uprights, around the permanently fixed perimenter shelving in Teen Zone, and around the wall-mount cabinets in the Ware Workroom. Motion carried.

Moved by Roy Hark and supported by Annie Dixon to recycle the National Geographic back issues, including the bound volumes, on the 3rd floor. Motion carried.

There was consensus not to carpet beneath the perimeter shelving in the Missouri Room. It was noted that the Library Board may need to revisit the decision depending on asbestos testing.

There was consensus to either carpet or finish the floor beneath the cabinets in the Woman’s Club Room.

Moved by Casey Welch and supported by Frank Ditillo to accept the Building & Grounds Committee’s recommendation to expand the Floor Covering project to include the linoleum tiled area outside the restrooms on the 1st floor and up the back stairs. Motion carried.

Moved by Roy Hark and supported by J’Nelle Lee to affirm adoption of the Code of Ethics and Public Disclosure Policy. Motion carried.

Moved by Lauren Youse and supported by Annie Dixon to approve the Library’s delayed opening Tuesday, September 3, 2019, due to the electric outage downtown. Motion carried.

Moved by Tom Prater and supported Frank DiTillo that the Library Board President or Treasurer should sign Check Requests over the amount of $2,500.00, and that invoices will be available for inspection upon request. Motion carried.

Moved by Roy Hark and supported by Casey Welch to adjourn. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 3:43 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Hallie Yundt Silver, Acting Secretary





Kim Ahrens, President