Annual Meeting: October 18, 2018, 4:00 p.m.


Present: President Carol Bridgeman, Leandra and Scout Bridgeman, Steve Colyar, Jack Gardner, Vice-President Harriet Grubb, and Secretary/Treasurer Hallie Yundt Silver.


Friends President Carol Bridgeman called the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library to order at 4:00 p.m. Carol Bridgeman greeted and welcomed returning members. Dues were collected, and the new brochure was distributed.


Hallie Yundt Silver provided the Membership Report. She reported there were three individual and three family memberships who had paid this yearís dues and were present. Based on the paid memberships, she reported that a quorum was present at the Annual Meeting. She reported that one additional family and one additional individual membership had been received. There was consensus that the Membership Report would stand as read.


Minutes were sent with the packet for the meeting.  Moved by Carol Bridgeman and supported by Harriet Grubb to accept the Minutes of the previous meeting of October 26, 2017. Motion carried.


Hallie Yundt Silver provided the Financial Report. She indicated that highlights of last yearís finances included:


? Sales tax of $2.56 was paid in January 2018 by Hallie Yundt Silver. Since this was a donation, it is not shown in the Financial Report.

? The 990-PF was overlooked and not filed in January 2018. The form has now been filed and posted on the Friends page on the Libraryís website.

? Revenues last fiscal year included dues, small donations, and the fundraiser at Summer Kick-Off. Expenditures included: Give-Away Chess Books for Juniors, Food for Summer Kick-Off Fundraiser.

? $809.19 will remain in the savings account once invoices are paid. Dues will be deposited, which will increase the balance.


Discussion followed on the Chess Tournaments.


Carol Bridgeman called three times for nominations from the floor for Officers to serve through October 2019. Moved by LeAndra Bridgeman and supported by Steve Colyar to close the ballot and elect the following Officers by acclamation: Carol Bridgeman as President, Harriet Grubb as Vice-President, and Hallie Yundt Silver as Secretary/Treasurer. Motion carried.


Because the same Officers were returning, it was determined that there was no need to update the Bank Resolution.


Hallie Yundt Silver provided the Directorís Report. She reported that


         Friends page on the Library website will be updated soon.

         The Friends Brochure was updated before the book sale in August.

         Biennial NonProfit Report (filed with Missouri Secretary of State) was filed in November 2017. Next filing due in August 2019.

         Friends continue to provide volunteer and financial support for the semi-annual Chess Tournaments.

         Friends continue to provide volunteers for the Libraryís larger programs, and individual members of the Friends continue to participate.

         Rotary continues to use picture books as thank you gifts for speakers. These books are selected by the Library and are later returned to be shelved in our collection.

         The Womenís Club of Hannibal is supporting Babies & Books again in 2018- 2019.

         The AED was installed near the main entrance. It is supported through donations from the Evening Kiwanis and the Marion County Ambulance District. Staff have participated in several training sessions.

         Brochures summarizing the Librarianís Annual Narrative Report are presented to the Membership.  Distribute.

         We have two part-time positions open. We need to hire a 15-hour Library Shelver and a 20-hour Associate 1.

         The Libraryís project last fiscal year was the federally-funded Strategic Planning grant, which resulted in a Community Survey and several Focus Groups. Several members of the Friends participated. We hope to finalize a Strategic Plan early in 2019.

         Our big project for this fiscal year is re-carpeting.

         Caitlin Greathouse and Roy Hark fundraised over $2,000 in support of prizes for Summer 18. Summer 18 was wildly successful with 954 children and teens reading 21,324 hours, and 173 adults reading 2,074 books. Distribute statistics sheet.

         Calendar for 2018-2019

o    Annual Meeting, Thursday, October 18, 2018

o    Chess Tournament, Saturday, October 27, 2018, 1:00 p.m.

o    Libraryís Holiday Potluck, Wednesday, December 12, 2018, noon-1:30 p.m.

o    Book Loverís Sale, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, February 21-23, 2018

o    Library Tea, Saturday, April 24, 2018

o    Chess Tournament, Saturday in May TBA

o    Kick-Off in the Park, Wednesday, May 22, 2019

o    Summer Finale, Last week in July 2019

o    Annual Book Sale, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, August 8-10, 2019

o    Adult Trivia Night, Friday evening, September 6, 2019

o    Annual Meeting, October 17, 2019


Discussion followed on programming in 2019, Hannibalís Bicentennial year. Another round of Library Mini-Golf was suggested.


Moved by Hallie Yundt Silver and supported by Harriet Grubb to adjourn. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Hallie Yundt Silver, Library Director, Hannibal Free Public Library, and Secretary/Treasurer, Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library