Board Meeting, August 16, 2012

Present:  President Debbie Bastian , Secretary/Treasurer Hallie Yundt Silver , Friends Member Katie Wright

 President Debbie Bastian called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 

Moved by Debbie Bastian and supported by Hallie Yundt Silver to approve the minutes of the Friends Board meeting of June 21, 2012.  Motion carried.  

Moved by Debbie Bastian and supported by Hallie Yundt Silver to accept the financial report showing $438.77 in the savings account after taking out expenditures for Library employee gift cards of 83.90 and the $50 donation to the Library for the collection.  Motion carried.  

Hallie Yundt Silver provided the Director’s Report.  She described the Library’s four active Federal LSTA grants, including:  

1.  Summer 2012 is completed with the exception of a purchase or two, which need to be made before the end of August.  2.  E-Reader Exploration is also winding down.  Equipment has been purchased and unpacked.  Programs have been scheduled.  3.  Digital Microfilm Equipment is just beginning.  4.  Show Me will provice 75% of the funding for Hallie Yundt Silver to attend the Federated Genealogical Societies’ 2012 Conference in Birmingham.  

Discussion followed on Old Business, including the Library Book Sale in August and Mini-Golf in September.  

There was consensus to request a donation from the GFWC Woman’s Club of Hannibal in support of the Library’s new Babies & Books program.  The donation will supply funds to develop the Library’s board book collection for younger babies and to provide giveaways of age-appropriate board books as incentives to increase program attendance.  Hallie Yundt Silver announced that the Library plans to conduct Babies & Books on the first Thursday of each month beginning in September.  

There was consensus that the Friends can assist Library staff at the booth during Folklife Festival.  The Library will sell its reprint of The Story of Hannibal and the Friends will sell our greeting cards.  

Moved by Debbie Bastian and supported by Hallie Yundt Silver to purchase supplies and make 50 boxes of notecards.  Motion carried.  

There was consensus that the officers will meet over lunch to discuss the proposed By-Laws revisions and prepare for the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library on Thursday, October 18. at 4:00 p.m.  

Moved to adjourn by Hallie Yundt Silver and supported by Debbie Bastian .  Motion carried.   

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,


Hallie Yundt Silver , Library Director, Hannibal Free Public Library, and

   Secretary/Treasurer, Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library