February 17, 2011

Present:  President Virginia Mulhern, Secretary/Treasurer Hallie Yundt Silver , Friends Board Member Debbie Bastian

 President Virginia Mulhern called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. on Thursday, February 17, 2011.  It was determined that a quorum of officers was present and the Board was therefore able to conduct business.

 Friends welcomed Claire Ewersmann , the Libraryís new Assistant Director.

 Moved by Debbie and supported by Virginia to approve the Minutes of the previous meeting of June 17, 2010, with Anne Caryís name corrected.  Included in the motion was acknowledgement of no quorum meetings of July 14, 2010, August 19, 2010, September 23, 2010, and October 21, 2010.  Discussion followed to indicate that meetings in November 2010 and January 2011 were cancelled, and the Holiday Party was the meeting in December 2010.  Motion carried.

 Hallie distributed the financial report.  The savings account, as of February 17, 2011, has a balance of $440.89.  There are no outstanding bills and no money that needs to be deposited.  Moved by Debbie and supported by Virginia to accept the financial report.

Debbie provided the membership report.  She indicated that some interest in the Friends was expressed by shoppers at the Book Loverís Sale .

Hallie reported on the Book Loverís Sale on February 11 and 12, 2011.  She thanked Friends for their help at this sale and at previous sales.  She said this sale grossed $508.63.  It netted $467.08 after an expenditure of $31.55 on classified ads in the newspaper and about $10 on refreshments.  She announced that the next big sale is scheduled for Thursday, Friday & Saturday, August 25, 26, and 27, 2011.

Moved by Debbie and supported by Virginia to do book sales every other Saturday morning during the 2011 Farmerís Market at Central Park .  Discussion followed concerning the public relations benefits for the Library that are generated by having Friends at the Park.  Motion carried.

Hallie provided the Library Directorís report, including:

        Saturday Matinee was implemented as a program, beginning January 8.  Attendance has been disappointing but we need to publicize the program more.  We have put up posters in the building.  We now need to promote the program in the news media. 

        Summer 2011 grant was funded.  It will provide resources for the professional collection and publicity for the summer programs.  It also provides the funding for the Childrenís Services Workshop tomorrow. 

        Website Make-Over grant was extended to June 30, to allow us more time to work on the website.

        Downloadable Audiobooks are understood fairly well by the staff, and we are ready to train one-on-one on their use.  E-Books are still too new for us to have a training dialog just yet. 

        Hagood book needs to sell more copies before we can go to press.

        The IRS questioned why the Friends had not filed an I-990PF for 2008.  Hallie sent a memo to the IRS on December 10, stating that we took in only $4.43 in revenue, and were not aware we needed to file.  (We filed for 2009 because of changes in the law.)

        The Library was awarded a federal grant to publicize and promote participation in the Summer 2011 program by 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

        The Library has been involved in planning a science fair, which will be held at the Hannibal Middle School the last week in June.  Also involved are the Hannibal Schools , Rotary, General Mills, BASF, Continental Cement, and other manufacturing and business concerns.

        Nancy Scott and Ricky Alexander completed their audit for the Friends in October 2010.

 Moved by Debbie and supported by Virginia to approve filing and payment of sales taxes.  Discussion that followed identified the sales taxes paid by the Friends were for note card sales.  Hallie reported that the amount of sales is low enough, so Friends need to file and pay sales tax annually.  She said she applied for tax registration, paid $25 in a cashierís check from the Friends account, and filed the 2010 sales tax forms.  She paid $20.64 in sales tax by writing a check on her own account as a donation to the Friends.  These filings had to be completed by January 31, to avoid penalties.  Motion carried.

Hallie reported that she hopes to get a draft of the Friends By-Laws to Linda Verdier in March.

Moved by Debbie and supported by Virginia to authorize the Secretary/Treasurer to file tax forms annually in January.  Discussion that followed identified the forms as the Federal I-990PF and the Missouri sales tax forms.  Motion carried. 

There were no other announcements.

Moved by Debbie and supported by Virginia to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Hallie Yundt Silver , Library Director, Hannibal Free Public Library,
 and  Secretary/Treasurer, Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library