Board Meeting

June 21, 2012


 Present:  President Debbie Bastian , Secretary/Treasurer Hallie Yundt Silver , Friends Member Katie Wright

 President Debbie Bastian called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.   She welcomed Katie Wright.

 Moved by Debbie Bastian and supported by Hallie Yundt Silver to approve the minutes of the Friends Board meeting of February 16, 2012.  Motion carried.

 Moved by Debbie Bastian and supported by Hallie Yundt Silver to accept the financial report showing $572.67 in the savings account less $50 owed the Library.  Motion carried.

  Hallie Yundt Silver provided the Director’s Report, and discussion arose on the following topics:

            ·         IRS 990-PF correction was filed and accepted by IRS.

·         Three alternative Note Cards for 2012 were presented. 

Moved by Hallie Yundt Silver and supported by Debbie Bastian to retain the current design for another year.  Motion carried.

·         The Friends Brochure was reprinted.

·         The Library’s Grant was funded to replace analog microfilm reader/printers with digital microfilm equipment.  The Library has also applied for the e-Reader Exploration grant and anticipates it will be funded.  Both required several public training sessions, to which the Friends are invited.

· was recently added to Hannibal ’s Virtual Library for in-house use only.

·         Movie & Mini-Golf for Teens went well on Friday evening, May 25.

·         Date for Star Gazing was changed to Monday, July 2, at dusk.

·         Ink by the Barrel, on Sunday afternoon, October 28 is still “to be announced.”  It needs work soon.  (It was explained that this program is co-sponsored by the Library, the Museum, and the Northeast Missouri Community Foundation with funding from US Bancorp.)

·         Friends donation to Library was used to purchase the following books:  1. Sisters: The Lives of America’s Suffragists by Jean H. Baker 2. American Insurgents, American Patriots by T. H. Breen 3. The Whiskey Rebellion: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged America’s Newfound Sovereignity by William Hogeland 4. Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788 by Pauline Maier 5. 1848: Year of Revolution by Michael Rapport.  Invoicing will occur soon. 

·         Toni Rose is retiring in July.  She plans to return to work at the Library part-time in August.

Moved by Debbie Bastian and supported by Hallie Yundt Silver to give a $50 Visa card as a gift.  Motion carried.

·         Caitlin Greathouse ’s little boy was born Friday. 

Moved by Debbie Bastian and supported by Hallie Yundt Silver to give a $25 Visa card as a gift.  Motion carried.

 Membership Report was provided by Hallie Yundt Silver .  She indicated there are 17 paid members and $28 collected in dues but not assigned to members’ names.

There was consensus not to provide book sales at the Farmer’s Market this summer and to wait to see how the Market is organized next year.  Discussion followed on the need for a canopy or umbrella.  Hallie Yundt Silver agreed to look for one when they go on sale this fall.

Hallie Yundt Silver announced that Annual Book Sale is scheduled for Thursday, Friday & Saturday, August 23, 24 & 25, 2012.  Debbie Bastian volunteered to distribute flyers the week prior.  There was consensus that Friends should be contacted about participation.

The Folklife Festival was discussed.  Hallie Yundt Silver said she had contacted Michael Gaines and Cindy Lovell .  She asked if the Friends would assist the Library in staffing a booth if one can be shared with the Museum.  She described an idea about costuming that staff has been developing based on an old photo of Hannibal ’s librarians – white, long sleeved blouses with long black skirts.  She suggested that the Library should sell The Story of Hannibal reprints and the Friends, the note cards.  There was consensus that she should continue to explore the opportunity with the Museum.

There was discussion about how GFWC Woman’s Club of Hannibal can collaborate with the Friends and the Library.  Debbie Bastian noted that she had been contacted by Babs Herring, the Club’s President.  Hallie Yundt Silver said she had also been contacted.  There was consensus that members of the Woman’s Club could assist the Library and the Friends by attending and participating in programs.  Mini-Golf on September 27, 2012, the Library Tea in late January or February 2013, and the public training sessions required by the recent grants were mentioned.  Debbie Bastian indicated that she would be in touch with Babs Herring.

Mini-Golf for the General Public on Thursday evening, September 27, 2012, was discussed.  Hallie Yundt Silver indicated that a movie, food, and activities will be offered in the Children’s Room while the mini-golf course will be played on the second and third floors.  She agreed to ask the Library Board permission for the Friends to sell refreshments as a fundraiser for the organization.  Discussion followed on how Women’s Club members can participate.  It was decided that they can assist with refreshments, if they want, and/or they can play mini-golf. 

Debbie Bastian inquired about Life-Size Clue.  Hallie Yundt Silver said that immediate plans for had changed, and the Library provided a program of Life-Size Angry Birds for the Summer 2012 grant instead.  She said that she still wanted to do a “Murder in the Library.”  There was consensus that it could be combined with the Library Tea, and honorees could be mentioned in the script.

  Debbie Bastian indicated that she would review work to date on the By-Laws revision.  Hallie Yundt Silver provided her with a copy.  She agreed to do any necessary secretarial work on the By-Laws to get the ready to present to the Friends membership at the annual meeting.

 Debbie Bastian announced that the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library will be held on Thursday, October 18, 2012, at 4 p.m.  Hallie Yundt Silver asked Debbie to provide direction on what needed to be done for this meeting.  They agreed to email about it.

 Moved to adjourn by Hallie Yundt Silver and supported by Debbie Bastian .  Motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Hallie Yundt Silver , Library Director, Hannibal Free Public Library, and

   Secretary/Treasurer, Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library