March 11, 2010

 Present:  Anne Carey, Debbie Bastian , Vada Gregory , Virginia Mulhern, Nancy Scott, Gary Silver , and Hallie Yundt Silver

 Friends President Virginia Mulhern called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.  Vada and Nancy were welcomed.

Moved by Anne and supported by Debbie to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of January 13, 2010, and no quorum meeting of February 11, 2010.  Motion carried.

 Moved by Anne and supported by Debbie to approve the financial report showing a balance of $288.25 in the savings account.  Motion carried.

Moved by Vada and supported by Gary to set the dates of future meeting on the third Thursday.  Motion carried. 

  Sharon ís thank you note was read.  There was consensus to give Project Graduation five boxes of note cards, a value of $50, in response to its request for donations.

Hallie provided the Directorís Report, which was also the program for the day.  She reported on the Libraryís reorganization and gave an update on the budget.   She reminded Friends of the Ink by the Barrel event on March 21.  She notified Friends of the Literary Landmark Event at Museum in evening on Saturday, April 24, and the ReadMOre Book Discussion in late September.

Discussion followed concerning canvas book bags and book sales.  There was consensus to devote time at the April meeting in finalizing a grant application idea for initial start-up costs associated with sale of canvas book bags.  Hallie will inquire about costs associated with the Farmerís Market.

Gary notified the Friends that the Northeast Missouri Community Foundation could be the fiscal agent for any grants with the 5% fiscal agency fee included in the grant.  Hallie said that this would be preferable to filing the IRS 990 form for two years before applying for grants.

Moved by Debbie and supported by Debbie to give Peggy a $50 Visa gift card as a retirement present on Saturday, March 13.  Discussion followed, and it was decided that the Library would charge the card at the grocery and bill the Friends for it later.  Motion carried.

Virginia shared the article about Friends from the Hannibal Magazine and a newspaper clipping concerning the Friends of the Louisiana Public Library. 

Virginia reminded Friends that the next meeting would be on Thursday, April 15, at 4 p.m.  Meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Hallie Yundt Silver, Library Director &
Friends Secretary/Treasurer