Title Ralph Budd Distributes Copies of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" to the Tom Sawyer Contestants
Date of Original 25 October 1935
Date of Digital 19 October 2003
Description HANNIBAL, MO - Ralph Budd, President of the CB & Q Railroad, (2nd from left) distributes copies of the book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" to the Tom Sawyer contestants at the Mark Twain Zephyr Dedication. The books are autographed by Nina Gabrilowitsch, Ralph Budd, Frank B. Kellogg, and Charles G. Dawes. The contestants, in no particular order, are Junior Musson, Bob Samuelson, Wayne Priebe, Thomas Moore, Lewis Hewitt, Russell Mathes, Danny Kane, George Rogers, Charles Flick, Jack Meyer, Edgar Denniston and Milton Duvall, Jr. (winner, 3rd from left).
Creator CB & Q Railroad
Contributor Hayden, Archie
Publisher Hannibal Free Public Library (Hannibal, MO)
Subject Mark Twain Zephyr (railroad train)
Subject Mark Twain Zephyr Dedication.
Subject Hannibal (MO)
Subject Budd, Ralph, 1879-1962.
Subject Duvall, Milton, Jr.
Subject Musson, Junior.
Subject Samuelson, Bob.
Subject Priebe, Wayne.
Subject Moore, Thomas.
Subject Hewitt, Lewis.
Subject Mathes, Russell.
Subject Kane, Danny.
Subject Rogers, George.
Subject Flick, Charles.
Subject Meyer, Jack.
Subject Denniston, Edgar.
Original Format Photograph, black and white, 10" by 8"
Digital Format jpg
Identifier Z7014