Title Becky Thatcher Contestants Pose Next to the Becky Thatcher Railroad Car
Date of Original 25 October 1935
Date of Digital 19 October 2003
Description HANNIBAL, MO - The Becky Thatcher contestants are decked out in costume as they pose before the Becky Thatcher car of the Mark Twain Zephyr. Each girl represents a different town on the Zephyr's route. They are, in no particular order, Pary Bash (far right), Betty Stephens (winner, 5th from right), Irma Heinze (3rd from right), Clarajo Strate, Louise Owens, Becky Holstein, June Hatfield, Margaret Butler, Beulah Clark, Bobette Ringland, Patricia Wilson, and Judith Patricia Burrows (2nd from left).
Creator CB & Q Railroad
Contributor Hayden, Archie
Publisher Hannibal Free Public Library (Hannibal, MO)
Subject Mark Twain Zephyr (railroad train)
Subject Mark Twain Zephyr Dedication.
Subject Hannibal (MO)
Subject Stephens, Betty.
Subject Bash, Pary.
Subject Strate, Clarajo.
Subject Owens, Louise.
Subject Holstein, Becky.
Subject Hatfield, June.
Subject Butler, Margaret.
Subject Clark, Beulah.
Subject Ringland, Bobette.
Subject Wilson, Patricia.
Subject Burrows, Judith Patricia.
Subject Heintze, Irma.
Original Format Photograph, black and white, 9" by 7"
Digital Format jpg
Identifier Z7020