Title "I Christen Thee Mark Twain"
Date of Original 25 October 1935
Date of Digital 19 October 2003
Description HANNIBAL, MO - Nina Gabrilowitsch, granddaughter of Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) (far right), uses American champagne to christen the Mark Twain Zephyr. Watching closely are the three contest winners (from left) : Tom Sawyer (Milton Duvall, Jr. of Clarksville, Mo.), Becky Thatcher (Betty Stephens of LaGrange, Mo.) and Huck Finn (Harold Timmerman of Burlington, Ia.)
Contributor Mark Twain Home & Museum (Hannibal, MO)
Publisher Hannibal Free Public Library (Hannibal, MO)
Subject Gabrilowitsch, Nina, 1910-1966.
Subject Mark Twain Zephyr (railroad train)
Subject Mark Twain Zephyr Dedication.
Subject Hannibal (MO)
Subject Duvall, Milton, Jr.
Subject Stephens, Betty.
Subject Timmerman, Betty.
Original Format Photograph, black and white, 7" by 9"
Digital Format jpg
Identifier Z7021