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Hannibal Library Press is proud to announce the reprint of

 The Story of Hannibal :
A Bicentennial History

J. Hurley Hagood &
Roberta (Roland) Hagood

This popular book and valuable resource has been out of print since the 1970s.  We are pleased to make it available once again.  Thank you, Roberta.  

312 pages, 8 x 11 on acid-free paper

Dust jacket over hardcover binding


A fundraiser for Hannibal Free Public Library, please take advantage of this offer.

Date:  __________________________________________  

Number Copies at $65  each (includes MO sales tax):  ___________  Amount Enclosed:  ____________  

Mail order form and check to:  Hannibal Free Public Library, 200 South Fifth St. , Hannibal , MO   63401 .  Make checks payable to Hannibal Library Press.

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Bookstores may purchase ten or more copies for $35 each.   Suggested retail price is $65.00

Payment can also be made at the Library.

HANNIBAL LIBRARY PRESS, 200 South Fifth Street , Hannibal , MO   63401