Mission Statement


It is the aim of the Hannibal Free Public Library to enrich the personal lives of the citizens who use its resources.  The library desires to help people in their search for greater understanding, in their quest for reliable information, and in exploration of a more secure and creative pattern for living.  To fulfill this purpose, the library assumes the responsibility of assembling, preserving, and administering an organized collection of books, magazines, newspapers, records, maps, films and other materials.


As a center of reliable information for the community, the library requires materials for the purpose of encouraging citizens to continuously educate themselves.  A special effort is made to provide printed material on all subjects likely to be of concern or interest either to present or potential library users of whatever age or education.  All requests for information are treated with respect and an attempt is made to secure that information either in the library’s own collection or by use of interlibrary loans.


The library tries to fulfill the individual’s need for satisfying recreation by making materials available which will develop and enrich the human spirit.  It carries on a program to stimulate new interests and to equip the individual and pursue those interests.


In working with children the library aims to extend, cultivate and encourage the pursuit of education and to promote voluntary, individual enjoyment of reading through the use of library resources.


The library is a center to be used by all segments of the community.


The Hannibal Free Public Library recognizes the scholarly resources of our neighbors (Hannibal-LaGrange College, the Hannibal Public Schools, and other area libraries) and works toward having each library complement the other.