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www.teenreads.com is another great website with a lot of book reviews for teens by teens as well as in-depth author profiles and interviews.  The site is part of Book Report Network, a group founded in 1996, which share book reviews, author profiles and excerpts from the hottest new releases.  The site www.bookreporter.com has links to the teen read site as well as a kids reads site (www.kidsreads.com) and reading group guides.  

www.bored.com  is a great place to find out what famous events happened on your birthday, ponder over 500 riddles, read funny answers to “Why did the chicken cross the road” and much much more for teens.

www.teenlit.com provides a place to post your writings, read the writings of other teens and read book reviews.  Click on the writers workshop and you will find lots of writing tips from other teens, a page of editing marks as well as poetry tips.  This is a great site for any teen that has an interest in writing.  

www.ala.org/yalsa is the place to find current and previous winners of young adult award books.  Also listed are popular paperbacks for young adults and quick picks for reluctant young adult readers, current and previous.   

http://www.cyberteens.com/cr is a nice site with a little bit of everything: fun and games, cool links, and particularly nice is the creativity section.  Teens can submit their work, the written word, music, movies and art as well as view the work of other teens.  


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